A List of the Best Waterproof Portable Speakers

There are several great options for portable waterproof speakers on today’s market. If you are more concerned with how well your speaker will stand up against water then you need to pay attention to the IP rating. If the speaker is not at least an IPX7 (waterproof) or an IP67 (dust-proof & waterproof) rating then it is not considered to be submersible. You can usually find this on the manufacturers spec sheet. If you are more worried about the style and color then there are a lot of cool options that are less waterproof and more along the lines of being considered “water resistant”.

Ultimate Ears has 2 stylish IPX67 rated speakers. The Boom 3 ($149.99) and the Megaboom 3 ($199.99) listed on their website. You can also customize the color, fabric and text to fit your style. People love their speakers and they have built a great brand with quality products. Ultimate Ears Portable Speakers, Bluetooth Speakers, Wireless Speakers

JBL also has a great line of high quality waterproof speakers and is a very reputable company. They have 7 different options but I believe only 5 options are available right now from looking at their site. Find one that fits your budget as some of them can get expensive, keep in mind you pay for what you get. Here is a link to their waterproof speakers. Smart Audio

Another great (and affordable) option would be the Sound Storm by Hypergear. It is IPX7 rated, impact resistant, has Bluetooth connectivity and has an AUX cord input. It also comes with a mount that can easily attach to bike handles, boat railings and strollers. I’ve listed some specs below the photo. The best part is you can buy it for only $49.99. Check it out at Sound Storm Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker With Bike Mount – The Waterproof World


black waterproof speaker surrounded by water

• HD Stereo Sound
• Massive Sound Projection
• Certified IPX7 Waterproof
• Wireless Music + Calls
• Impact Resistant, All-Terrain Jacket
• Extended Play Time
• Aux-in Compatible
• Ultra-Compact & Lightweight
• Built-in Carrying Strap
• Universal Mounting Socket
• Includes Bonus 360° Bike Mount
• Limited One Year Warranty

Next on the list is the Rugged Speaker by ToughTested. This speaker is comes with more bells and whistles than the other 3 options above. Not only does it have an IP67 rating, it has a 100 lumen LED flashlight and a built in 4,000 mAh power bank for recharging devices. Perfect for the job site or your next outdoor adventure. It’s on sale right now for $89.99. Check it out at Rugged Bluetooth® Waterproof Speaker, Powerbank and LED Torchlight – The Waterproof World


Last but not least, we have a few speakers from EcoXgear. They have several options but we are going to highlight three for you – one for each budget.

Option 1: EcoPebble Lite. It has a IP67 rating, 3-Watt speaker and it has an attachment for mounting. It features 7 hours of play or talk time as it is Bluetooth capable. It is only $39.99 which is a great price for an IP67 rated speaker. Check it out at EcoPebble Lite Waterproof Speaker – The Waterproof World.

Option 2: EcoDrift Portable Waterproof Speaker ($89.99). Yes it FLOATS! This speaker is IP67 as well but boasts 15 hours of play time and a 15W speaker and bass woofer. It comes equipped with the EcoTalk button for Siri & Google Voice Assist. Check it out now at EcoDrift Portable Floating & Waterproof Speaker – The Waterproof World. 



Option #3: EcoDuo Floating Waterproof Speaker ($119.98). Check out the features below and shop now at EcoDuo Bluetooth Speaker – The Waterproof World.

Rugged, IPX7 Waterproof, Floating Bluetooth Speaker

EcoConnect compatible – pair two units together for stereo sound

Bluetooth Wireless Audio Connection for use with Smartphones and other Smart Devices

5 Watt Full-fidelity Mono Speaker

Control Buttons: Power, Bluetooth Pairing, Volume +/-, and Speakerphone Answer

Integrated side magnets for mounting

Aux-In Audio Connection

Integrated ¼-20” screw post for mounting options

Nylon Lanyard and Carabineer Clip included

3-year warranty

Browse more waterproof speakers and water-resistant speakers at our shop at Waterproof Speakers Archives – The Waterproof World where we will be introducing another line of waterproof speakers next week.